Ordinary can still be amazing…

“I Don’t Know How To Pray.”

Dear friend, when was the last time you told God how you are feeling?

Don’t think He’s not interested in your messy schedule. He wants to hear about that heartbreak, that cranky Boss, that disloyal friend and even that bad date night. Uh-oh! He’s interested in everything. Let me suggest something, should I?

Instead of ranting online, you can rant to God! He won’t savage you…

Let There Be Light

The movie was beautiful, it was nothing short of grace and beauty. Now, where shall I begin?…

When You Feel Tired

This is not about comparison but sometimes we cannot help it. Especially when everyone around you seems to be making progress and apparently you feel stuck, just cycling around the same thing like this question keep cycling around my mind. Jesus, will I become all you promised me? There is this longing in my heartContinue reading “When You Feel Tired”

Dear Gold

Has nature and the universe not enlightened our hearts enough to know that good things don’t come easy?
Gold, as valuable as it is is not desirable unless purified in a fiery furnace. And men kill to have this purified element because they themselves are yet to be purified…

In My Feelings: “I’m Not Fine.”

Her: Hey b, how are you?
She: I am fine (sobs inwardly)
Her: love you b
She: smiling emoji + love

“I’m fine” may not always be fine.

Just because I say I’m fine doesn’t mean I’m really fine. These days “how are you” has been reduced to a question we read just to fling an empty response of “I’m fine or I’m good”…


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